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Plug Into a Harmonious Relationship with Technology

Plug Into a Harmonious Relationship with Technology

Today’s technology gets a bad rap these times. There are many experts of social media (“It’s a waste of the time!”), tv (“It rots your mind!”), and mobile phones (“You’re passing up on actual life!”). There was therefore much sound about the detrimental aftereffects of technology, in reality, so it’s an easy task to arrive at the final outcome that technology is bad and has now side effects on health. It is that truly true?

The solution is: this will depend.

Harmonious or obsessive?

Tech itself is not a thing that is bad. But how exactly we elect to build relationships it could have a powerful influence on|effect that is powerful} our well-being. Relating to psychologist Robert J. Vallerand, we engage the actions within our life in just one of two methods: harmoniously or obsessively. Harmonious interests don’t conflict along with other components of your lifetime, can be achieved without the contingencies connected, and produce positive outcomes—such as a feeling of joy or freedom. Obsessive interests, having said that, override other priorities in life, creating anxiety and conflict, and therefore are difficult to forget about. Individuals with an passion that is obsessive depend on it to give a feeling of self-esteem or self-worth.

For instance, playing a game title on the phone just before get together with buddies are a activity—gaming that is harmonious result in an awareness of autonomy and competence this is certainly satisfying and enjoyable. But determining to bail on your own friends because you’re frustrated cybermen you have actuallyn’t won the overall game yet is an indication of obsessive passion.